Be A Hero is a people-powered organization founded by Ady Barkan and Liz Jaff. The two met when Liz filmed Ady's confrontation of Senator Jeff Flake on a plane, pleading with him to vote against the Tax Bill in 2017, as it would save his life. But the story of Be a Hero began before that, with a choice.

Ady Barkan with his wife, Rachael, and son, Carl.

Ady Barkan's choice

October 2017: Four months after the birth of his son Carl, Ady Barkan was diagnosed with ALS. Confronting his own mortality, Ady had to decide how to make the most of his remaining time.

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Ady confronts Jeff Flake

December 7, 2017: On a flight home from Washington, D.C., Ady happened to sit near United States Senator Jeff Flake. With his family's medical bills mounting, Ady decided to take this opportunity to confront Flake over the GOP tax bill, which threatened to disrupt his health coverage. The impassioned conversation between an ordinary person and a powerful senator, captured on video, sparked the imagination of millions by showing how heroic active citizenship can be.

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Be a Hero Founded

2018: After Ady’s interaction with Senator Flake went viral Ady and his co-founder Liz Jaff started Be a Hero to confront members of congress about healthcare using the power of the human story. Since then, Be a Hero has taken on impossible fights and amplified countless stories of incredible heroism in the face of injustice.

Our First Projects