Past Projects

Summer of Heroes

Despite Ady's disability and alarming speed at which he was becoming paralyzed, Ady took to the road to share his story in the summer of 2018 - traveling 22 states in 40 days and confronting over 15 Members of Congress.

Collage of protest photos.

Kavanaugh fight

Working with activists in Maine and D.C., Be a Hero launched a crowdfunding campaign challenging Collins to be a hero and vote "no" on Kavanaugh — or we’d fund her future opponent. Through heroic activism and people-powered, small-dollar donations, Be A Hero raised $4.1 million for the Democratic nominee to defeat Collins in 2020.

Healthcare Stories

Ady and the Be a Hero team turned the stories heard during the Summer of Heroes tour into a series of powerful healthcare ads — helping elected progressives across the country and winning back the House.

Uncovered: Health Care Conversations with Ady Barkan

Be A Hero launched the “Uncovered: Health Care Conversations” with a series of deeply personal interviews with the major Democratic presidential candidates. The interviews were conducted by Ady, using only his eye-gaze technology.

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Current Projects